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Sectoral State Archive of Materials of Hydrometeorological Observations of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Sectoral State Archive of Materials of Hydrometeorological Observations of the SES of Ukraine (hereinafter – SSA MHO) created by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of October 28, 2015 № 862 "About creation of the branch state archive of materials of hydrometeorological observations of the State Emergency Service" and is the direct successor of the branch state archive of hydrometeorological service of Ukraine, created in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of July 31, 1995 № 570 "About Creation of the Sectoral State Archives of the State Committee of Ukraine for Hydrometeorology".

SSA MHO is an archival institution that is included as an independent structural unit with a special status within the Central Geophysical Observatory.

At present, the SSA MHO is the only specialized archive in Ukraine, containing 8 funds, which stores unique information about the past and present state of the environment of Ukraine by its quantitative and qualitative indicators, namely: documents on the issues of hydrology, meteorology, agrometeorology, aerology, weather forecasters, hydrobiology, information on radiation control and materials of observations of environmental pollution.

The structure of the SSA MHO consists of three departments:

–        Storage department of information on paper carriers (hereinafter - DIP);

–        Storage department of information on technical carriers (hereinafter - DIT);

–        Information Preparation and Issuing Department (hereinafter - IPD).

DIP SSA MHO is responsible for the preservation of archival documents on paper carriers about funds, namely: meteorological, hydrological, agrometeorological, synoptic, aerological, data observations of environmental pollution, departmental hydrometeorological network, information-reference and normative literature.

Here are contains separate documents of meteorological observations (intermittently) in Kherson since 1808, in Kiev since 1812, in Poltava since 1824, in Lugansk in 1828, etc. The archive also holds the diaries of visual meteorological observations from the beginning of the nineteenth century, unique hydrological yearbooks of Austria, Hungary, Poland, records of hydrometeorological observations of the First World War, Civil and Second World War.

The materials are actively used by research and production institutions and organizations of different sectors of the economy in the preparation of actual assessment, prognostic and retrospective calculations of hydrometeorological conditions and environmental status in Ukraine.

DIT SSA MHO was created to ensure the storage material of hydrometeorological observations and information on the environmental state of Ukraine in electronic form on technical carriers. The necessity of creation of this department was caused by the fact that since begining from 1988 all information (both operative and mode) in the hydrometeorological service of Ukraine began to be processed in an automated mode on the computer.

The department stores hydrometeorological and environmental information from all areas of observation, this information comes from the hydrometeorological organizations of the SES of Ukraine in accordance with established requirements and terms. The insurance fund of materials of hydrometeorological observations is created and constantly updated.

Information retrieval systems are being developed, which should provide fast access to the materials of hydrometeorological observations, their processing and generalization according to customers' requests, as well as work on transfer of archival data from paper carriers to technical, compatible with personal computers.

IPD SSA MHO executes orders of public authorities and administrations, ministries, departments, enterprises and organizations of many sectors of the economy of Ukraine, as to prepare the provision of hydrometeorological information and information about the environmental state of the environment, which is stored in SSA MHO.

These works are performed on the basis of contracts or one-off orders on a paid basis, the legal basis of which is the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated October 26, 2011 № 1102 "Some questions about the provision of paid services to units of the Emergency Situations Ministry".

Since 2001 the archive has been headed by Mikhail Dovgych.


Welcome to mutually beneficial cooperation!

Carrying out by specialists of SSA MHO a practical session with the members of the Kyiv Small Academy of Sciences of the student youth on the topic: Features of work with archival materials.

Practical lessons of the Earth Sciences Department


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